Every year the East Bend Station is responsible for:

  • 11 Deaths
  • 16 Heart Attacks
  • 175 Asthma Attacks
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What you need to know about coal and the East Bend Station

East Bend Station is a Duke Energy owned power station located in Boone County, Kentucky. It began commercially polluting in 1981 and has been affecting the health of Boone County residents ever since. Annually, East Bend is responsible for 11 deaths, 16 heart attacks and 180 asthma attacks caused by fine particulate pollution from the plant.

There are also three coal ash waste ponds associated with the power station that all have the potential to contaminate water supplies. Kentuckians deserve better from Duke; they deserve clean air and water. Closing this plant will prove that people are more important than profit.

Tell Duke Energy to Quit Coal

Duke Energy and its CEO Jim Rogers spend a lot of time talking about clean energy and the need to take action on climate change.

Tell Duke Energy to Quit Coal